The Mosul Filmschool comes to Europe!



Last season ended with a retrospective of Milo Rau’s cinematic work at the Venice Biennale. At the start of the new season, IIPM’s and NTGent’s films are touring the world again. We are particularly pleased to announce that “The New Gospel” – Swiss Film Prize winner 2021 and „Stream of the Month“ according to last week-end’s “The Guardian” – has been nominated for the 2022 Prix Italia.

Thanks to the “Revolt of Dignity”, led by activist and “New Gospel” protagonist Yvan Sagnet, 1000 migrant workers have already been regularized. “Rau’s films and stage works can hardly be described as a product, but rather as a collective process that activistically and artistically draws a new global resistance,” how the Swiss director’s work was recently described.

The “Filmschool in Mosul”, founded by NTGent together with the Academy of Fine Arts Mosul and UNESCO, is another example of what Milo Rau himself calls “micro-ecologies”: Twenty students – boys and girls, all from Mosul – were taught camera techniques, directing, writing scenarios, and editing. Seven of those bold and moving films are now among the official selection of the 49th Film Fest Gent (Ghent, Belgium) on 16 October.

On the 19th of November, the Mosul Filmschool films will also be shown during the Arab Film Festival in Zurich, Switzerland, to then continue their tour through Europe. To reinforce the local cultural scene in a sustainable way, the first-ever Mosul Short Film Festival is in the planning: a three-day festival featuring a selection of short films form Iraq and neighbouring countries.



Also IIPM’s and NTGent’s theatre tour season is in full swing. Last weekend, “the universal tale of life and death” (Volkskrant *****) “Grief & Beauty” started its Italian tour in Rome, the play “The Interrogation”, which has already been performed in Paris, Amsterdam and Ghent, thrilled the audience at the Croatian National Theatre, and the “soulful hymn to life” (The Guardian *****) “Family” will soon travel to Holland and Paris.

La Reprise” about the murder of Ihsane Jarfi in Liège – first part of IIPM’s/NTGent’s “Histoire(s) du Théâtre” series – is on international tour again and returns to Liège itself next weekend. “Everywoman” travels to the Paris Autumn Festival. And Rau’s interpretation of the Swiss National Myth “Wilhelm Tell” just started its autumn series in Zurich.

Last but not least: 11 years after its premiere, a new version of IIPM’s classic “Hate Radio” is being staged this autumn, premiering in Lugano and Lyon. Want to join? First “Hate Radio” tour dates here.