Please vote: “The Repetition” and “Lam Gods” are nominated for Nachtkritik-Theatertreffen!


The IIPM/NTGent-plays “The Repetition” (“Die Wiederholung”) and “The Ghent Altarpiece” (“Lam Gods”) are nominated for the “Nachtkritik Theatertreffen 2018”! We are delighted that two of our international co-productions are among the “most important productions of the last 12 months”.


“The Repetition” is a double approach: to an incomprehensible murder. And to the “incomprehensible medium of theatre“, is the statement for the nomination for “The Repetition”. To “Lam Gods”, Nachtkritik writes: “A warm-hearted evening of first and last things, of the end of the world and martyrdom, birth and death, sex and violence”.


Did you also like the productions? Or are you interested in seeing what else was important and worth considering last year? For both productions – and a whole series of others – you can vote HERE until Wednesday 24 January.


And if you want to see the pieces again before: “The Repetition” (“Die Wiederholung”) can currently be seen in the Schouwburg of NTGent and “Lam Gods” (“The Ghent Altar Piece”) will have its Dutch premiere on 24 January as part of the Milo Rau retrospective at the “Brandhaarden” festival in Amsterdam.


Thank you very much for your voice – and see you soon!