Biennale di Venezia: Milo Rau Retrospective



With the performance of the internationally acclaimed play “La Reprise”, four film screenings under the title “Activism & Intimacy”, a masterclass and a series of talks, the upcoming 2022 edition of the Venice Biennale Teatro produces and hosts a retrospective on the work of Swiss theatre and film director Milo Rau.


Between 27 June and 3 July, the retrospective is at the same time a celebration of the extension of the artistic leadership of Milo Rau at the Belgian city theatre NTGent until the end of 2026. Shortly after NTGent presented its brand new season 22-23, showcasing the work of over 60 theatre makers from Belgium and far beyond, we are proud to announce the extension of the collaboration of NTGent with Milo Rau and the IIPM – International Institute of Political Murder.


To celebrate this, IIPM and NTGent invite you to a special screening of “The New Gospel” on 3 July (5pm) at Teatro Piccolo Arsenale during the 2022 Venice Biennale Teatro, as part of the Milo Rau retrospective. The screening is followed by an aftertalk with director Milo Rau (moderated by Andrea Porcheddu) on Rau’s work and future plans.


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