The Zurich Trials

Congress, Performance, Exhibition, Movie and Book


If historical Communism has brought forth an aesthetic format for the ages, it is that of the show trial: criminal court proceedings that are precisely planned and content-controlled, staged for maximum publicity, accompanied by massive campaigns of agitation, and carried out under a general disregard of constitutional law, for the purpose of intimidating regime opponents. Reality on trial.  


Milo Rau is staging two show trials, in Moscow and Zurich, with open outcomes. After taking up the controversial art trials of the last ten years again (“Caution! Religion”, “Forbidden Art”, and “Pussy Riot”) at the Sakharov Center in Moscow with original participants and new witnesses and experts, the Neumarkt-Theater will be converted into a courtroom from 3 to 5 May 2013. Witnesses, experts, jury, prosecutors, and defence lawyers will be cast, and a case of national relevance selected and heard live before the public, in the style of an American courtroom drama, until a verdict is reached – whatever that may be.



Concept and Artistic Direction: Milo Rau
Research and Casting: Eva-Maria Bertschy
Dramaturgy: Julia Reichert
Stage: Anton Lukas
Sound: Jens Baudisch

Assistant Direction: Anja Schulthess
Press Release: Yven Augustin
Specialist Counceling: Rolf Bossart
Corporate Design: Nina Wolters
Web Design: Jonas Weissbrodt


A Produktion of IIPM–International Institute of Political Murder in Coproduktion with Theater Neumarkt Zürich, Migros Kulturprozent and Ernst-Göhner-Stiftung.