Land of Hope



The Middle East is a realm of asynchronies: while powerful currents in parts of Egypt and Saudi Arabia demand a return to traditions, the United Arab Emirates are undergoing an unparalleled wave of modernisation. The Iraq wars and Iran’s increasing radicalisation are contributing to the progressive fragmentation of national and social structures across the region. As if under a burning glass, these geopolitical complexities and contradictions converge in the situation of the Palestinians: caught between Israel’s security interests and the cynicism of the surrounding Arab nations, they have been brought to a seemingly hopeless state in the course of this almost 70-year-old conflict.    


A research group around Professor Jeremy Dean (School of Social Work, University of Michigan) has introduced a revolutionary model solution into the debate on autonomy and the right of return, and into the complicated reality of covert civil war, aborted peace negotiations, and open terror. “Land of Hope – Future for Palestine” calls for the phased settlement by 2030 of 500,000 Palestinian families in the Oder-Neisse region, which is fully developed in its infrastructure but depopulated due to recent demographic changes. This concept is offered as an exemplary proposal in the framework of the current debate on migration and the intercultural opening up of Europe. IIPM will document the presentation of the project on location (e.g. in Schwedt/Oder) and will invite one of the initiators of the project to Berlin. 



A Project IIPM – International Institute of Political Murder

Artistic Direction: Milo Rau
Presentation: Ana Kerezovic
Dramaturgy: Jens Dietrich
Documentation: Lennart Laberenz
Corporate Design: Nina Wolters

In Cooperation with Theaterdiscounter Berlin / Festival „Einzelkämpfer“