Breivik´s Statement



On April 17, 2012, the terrorist Anders B. Breivik addresses the Oslo district court. The killer of 77 people explains his crimes, professes his affinity with Al Qaida, the Swiss minaret ban, and the National Socialist Underground in Germany. He outlines his theory of Europe’s demise in the face of immigration and multiculturalism. His statements are banned from television and withheld from the public. Sascha Ö. Soydan speaks in the role of Anders B. Breivik. 


“When you see and hear the presentation of a document like this in its entirety, before a staged public, you are suddenly amazed at its complexity, its fullness of meaning, its foreignness. Because what the public has to contend with in Breivik’s Explanation is the constrictive, stringent illogicality of its argumentation – a right-wing nationalist common sense which is, of course, an open secret, one that is voiced again and again.” (Milo Rau)



Concept and direction: Milo Rau 

With: Sascha Ö. Soydan 

Research: Tobias Rentzsch 

Scenography: Anton Lukas 

Video: Markus Tomsche 

Sound: Jens Baudisch 

Production: Mascha Euchner-Martinez


World premiere October 19, 2012, Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar


A Production of IIPM – International Institute of Political Murder