Brussels 14th of May // Berlin 1st of July


How can children perform the life and actions of child-killer Marc Dutroux? Together with CAMPO arts centre from Ghent, Milo Rau sets up an ambitious project involving children and teenagers between 8 and 13 years old. Rau uses the biography of the country’s most notoriously shameful criminal to sketch a brief history of Belgium and to reflect the (re)presentation of human feelings on stage. “Five Easy Pieces” probes the limits of what children know, feel, and do. Purely aesthetic and theatrical questions blend together with moral issues: How can children understand the real significance of narrative, empathy, loss, subjection, old age, disappointment, or rebellion? How do we react if we see them acting out scenes of violence or love and romance? In particular, what does that say about our own fears and desires? This makes FIVE EASY PIECES a confrontational experience.


Belgian Premiere: 14th of May, Kunstenfestival Brussels // German Premiere: 1st of July, Sophiensaele Berlin


Tour 2016/17: Brussels, Utrecht, Berlin, Oslo, Hertogenbosch, Singapore, Geneva, Rome, Terni, Prato, Munchen, Ghent, Aalst, Basel, Lausanne, Genk, Paris, Oostende, Rotterdam, Roeselar