“Without a doubt the greatest moment of the festival” – ecstatic reviews for “La Reprise” at the Festival d’Avignon



“The production that dominated conversations in Avignon” (New York Times) and “undoubtedly the greatest moment of the festival” (Le Figaro): “La Reprise / The Repetition”, the latest production of IIPM, let “Avignon go standing K.O.” (Franceinfo). The reviews were, as Agence France Presse summed up, “ecstatic”: “It is an extraordinarily mature, crystalline, engaging and compelling piece of theatre”, wrote the Guardian, the French Libération: “This gripping tragedy is a masterful demonstration of what theatre can achieve”.

With “La Reprise / The Repetition” Milo Rau, who will open his first season as artistic director of the Belgian NTGent with “Lam Gods” on 28 September, delivers a first performance based entirely on the 10 rules of the “Ghent Manifesto”. “With a catalogue of fresh purity commandments Milo Rau wants to conjure up the liberation of the city theatre and a city theatre of the future”, the German magazine DER SPIEGEL sums it up in a large report. The English Husk Magazine even speaks of a “revolution” coming to Ghent with the Manifesto, while the French Libération summarizes  the meaning of the “Ghent Manifesto” as follows: “If we do not want to be the puppets of our epoch, then we must cut the strings of automatisms and convenience”.

Juge for yourself: While the previous production “Five Easy Pieces” returns to Europe after its exactly 100th performance of an extended tour through China, “La Reprise / The Repetition” will continue its tour next week at the GREC-Festival Barcelona – and opens the season 2018/19 at the Schaubühne Berlin on September 1st. We would also like to draw your attention to the premiere of the Ghent version of Milo Rau’s Schaubühne production “Mitleid. The History of the Machine Gun”, which takes place on August 2nd at the Dutch Boulevard Festival, starring Els Dottermans and Elga Mouak.