“Theatre is Democracy in Small” – New Milo Rau book out



For the start of the 22/23 season, Rau publishes his perhaps most fundamental and self-critical work, a personal reflection of the artistic and activist work of the last 20 years together with IIPM and NTGent: “Theatre is Democracy in Small” (208 pages, English and Dutch edition).


What is radical, what is engaged art – and why art at all? How can longterm transnational collaborations be sustainable? What are artistic “micro-ecologies”? And how can a modern (city) theatre function in a way that gives space to the diversity of a society and all its conflicts?


In programmatic texts, an extensive exchange with critic Marijn Lems about the lessons and failures of his artistic career and in a collective manifesto – together with NTGent’s houseartists Miet Warlop, Lara Staal, Luanda Casella, Chokri Ben Chikha and Jesse Vandamme – Rau tries to answer the question: What is the Theatre of the Future?


Order “Theatre is Democracy in Small” in English or in Dutch.


“We only know who we are when we interact with others.” (from the book)




In 2018, Milo Rau, IIPM and NTGent started what would become “the most influential theatre-series of our years”: “Histoire(s) du Théâtre” (History of Theatre), a collective history of theatre in performances. When the first chapter of the series premiered at the prestigious Festival d’Avignon (“La Reprise”, created by Milo Rau/IIPM), The New York Times voted the “heartrending” production into its top ten of the year – as did critics in seven other countries world-wide.


“Histoire(s) du Théâtre I” was followed by chapters by Congolese choreographer Faustin Linyekula (2019), Spanish performer Angélica Liddell (2021) and this summer by Flemish artist and choreographer Miet Warlop. Warlop’s “Histoire(s) du Théâtre IV: ONE SONG” (2022), which like the previous parts premiered at the Festival d’Avignon, delighted audiences and critics. The New York Times was impressed by the “loud, absurd and extremely entertaining” piece, The Guardian experienced a “more than deserved standing ovation” and Le Monde summed up: “A fascinating artist who is finally getting more recognition.”


Experience Warlop’s “Histoire(s) du Théâtre IV: ONE SONG from October 1st at our homebase NTGent. More about the series HISTORY OF THEATRE can be found here.