THE NEW GOSPEL launches despite closed cinemas in Germany and Austria

“Milo Rau’s most tender, accessible and optimistic work to date… a cinema of the future”, (Georg Seeßlen in epd Film), “a cinematic and humane masterpiece” (Jean Ziegler), “a milestone” (Amnesty International) is Milo Rau’s film “The New Gospel”: Now the modern passion play is starting on 17 December not only in German but also in Austrian cinemas.


In order to make a contribution to the cultural and film landscape, the film distributor Port au Prince Pictures has decided to launch the film in Germany and Austria during the lockdown: as a digital cinema exploitation, a revolutionary new distribution strategy through which the cinemas will participate concretely and directly in the streaming revenues.


And this is how it works: at the viewer purchases his online cinema ticket and at the same time selects a cinema that he would like to share in the proceeds. This cinema then receives 30% of the price of a digital ticket. “The New Gospel” can be streamed 24 hours a day after payment and subsequent activation of the ticket ID.


In addition, a Q&A with director Milo Rau and the leading actor and political activist Yvan Sagnet is available as bonus material. We would also like to draw your attention to following Christmas campaign: Combine “The New Gospel” with ethically produced food!


Further information, actions and tickets can be found on the film’s homepage.