Invitation to the premiere of Milo Rau’s new piece “The Repetition” (Kunstenfestivaldesarts Brussels)


Milo Rau and his team are currently rehearsing the piece “The Repetition” at the Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles, which will be premiered at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts on 4 May 2018. The first part of Rau’s curated series “Histoire(s) du théâtre” is based on a crime that took place one night in April 2012 in Liège, Belgium, and shocked the whole city. 32-year-old Ihsane Jarfi talked to a group of young men on a street corner in front of a gay club. Two weeks later he was found dead on the edge of a forest. He had been tortured for hours.

Together with the actors Sara De Bosschere, Sébastien Foucault, Johan Leysen – with whom he has already worked in “The Civil Wars” – and Tom Adjibi, as well as with the storeman Fabian Leenders and the dog-sitter Suzy Cocco, Rau goes on the trail of a capital crime in the form of a multi-perspective narrative and searches for the fundamental emotions of the tragic experience. Six actors and amateurs reflect on the splendour and abysses of life and theatre and slip into the roles of the protagonists of a brutal murder case. The result is a manifesto for a democratic theatre of the real.

A detailed interview on “The Repetition. Histoire(s) du théâtre (I)” with Milo Rau can be found in the press kit.