Édouard Louis & Milo Rau present „The Interrogation“



French author Édouard Louis and director Milo Rau have been friends for a long time. This Wednesday, the 2nd of March, they present their performance „The Interrogation“ that they wrote and staged together in spring 2021 for the Kunstenfestival in Brussels. Last year, they had do cancel the show only some days before the premiere. This Wednesday it’s finally live to see, in Amsterdam at the ITA.


Performed by NTGent global ensemble actor Arne De Tremerie, „The Interrogation“ is a „demonstration for vulnerability“, a moment of poetic standstill. Can we escape our biography through art, or is art only the record of a failed liberation? „It’s a deeply melancholic play, a fragmentary play, a tender play”, as Louis and Rau said in an interview.


“The Interrogation” will be followed by a conversation between Édouard Louis and Milo Rau. More info here.




Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed the face of our continent. War is raging in the heart of Europe. Hundreds of thousands are already fleeing, millions may follow. Last December we devoted a whole School of Resistance (“Art in Conflicted Areas”) to the situation in Ukraine.


On March 4 and 5, a new edition of School of Resistance will address the issue of regularisation of refugees and migrants in Europe and their struggle for citizenship and recognition. Together with#GentZonderGrenzen, In My Name and L’Union des Sans-papiers pour la Régularisation, the undocumented refugees voice their political will.


Via panel discussions, film screenings, concerts and workshops, we will imagine new futures of global citizenship. The event takes place in the splendid Saint Jacob’s Church, in collaboration with the bishop of Ghent – for the last shall be the first!


To mark the occasion, an extensive “Catalogue of Resistance” is published, with contributions by Mohammad Al Attar, Srećko Horvat, Vandana Shiva and many, many others. Have a first look here.


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