Trigger Warning: MEDEA performed by Children



The myth of Medea is the bloodiest in the European canon. It begins with Medea’s love for Jason and ends with the murder of their children. Milo Rau’s version of the play is a radical re-reading. For Medea’s Children, he mixes Euripides’ version with a modern murder case. And: all the roles are played by children!


After the globally acclaimed reinventions of Aeschylus’ revenge trilogy Oresteia (Orestes in Mosul) and Sophocles’ Antigone (Antigone in the Amazon), Milo Rau turns to a classic of Greek tragedy literature for the third time with Medea’s Children.


Together with six child actors, Milo Rau, his dramaturge Kaatje De Geest and NTGent create a synthesis of Greek tragedy and childish wisdom, made of film, music and performance. Bitter and sweet, tender and cruel, absurd and gory – like love itself.




How can affection turn into hate? Are we forced to make the same mistakes again and again? From the hunt for the Golden Fleece to a quintuple murder: Medea’s Children is an examination of the human soul through the eyes of children.


Medea’s Children celebrates its premiere on April 18 at NTGent, followed by premieres in the Netherlands and France. The German-language premiere is on May 31 at the Wiener Festwochen.


And: Medea’s Children is the prelude to Rau’s “oldest dream”, the ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL, for which NTGent will have all the classic tragedies restaged in public spaces over 32 days – conceived by Milo Rau himself, curated by Matthias Velle and Benoît Vanraes. Find all details here.