“Performance is our own form of protest” (Nora Amin)
School of Resistance this Thursday, 20 May, 18:00 (CET)


In this 14th episode of the online debate series ‘School of Resistance’, American philosopher Susan Buck-Morss, Egyptian artist Nora Amin, and the women of the Chilean colectivo LASTESIS discuss the similarities and differences between uprisings around the world.
The so-called Arab Spring a decade ago, the Chilean revolt of autumn 2019, the Black Lives Matter protests of summer 2020 : worldwide, people are claiming the streets and expressing their protest. But can these insurrections be compared? Where do these revolutionary situations meet and where do they differ? What can each movement learn from the other? And what can be the role of performance practices and art?
For the next School of Resistance, IIPM and NTGent bring together three of the most interesting positions in the actual feminist revolutionary discourse: the theoretician Susan Buck-Morss, the artist-activist Nora Amin and colectivo LASTESIS to discuss the possibilities and contradictions of revolutions of the present. How can we use artistic tools to create a common, global language of progress and change?
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Why theatre? Why film?
An online project, a lecture performance by Édouard Louis & a new movie line


Why theatre? We have not only dedicated a Golden Book, but a whole online project to this question, bringing together already more than 120 answers from artists all over the world as podcasts, texts, paintings, talks and films. Also in their upcoming joint work, the lecture performance “The Interrogation”, the French writer Édouard Louis and the director Milo Rau explore this question, discussing the power, the beauty and violence of theatre in a direct yet playful way : “Truth is a revenge, because we live in a world of lies”, as Louis said in an interview with the British Guardian. The lecture performance will be accessible live and streamed simultaneously from 27 May on.
Why film? How can art be more than a reproduction of the world? During the lockdown, NTGent and IIPM (co)produced six films, each giving its own answer – in works by Lara Staal, Milo Rau, Luk Perceval, Daniel Demoustier, Oscar Van Rompay and Peter Seynaeve. In a programmatic conversation about the production of his film “The New Gospel” with the magazine Béton Bleu, Milo Rau says: “We began to link the distribution channels of our film to those of goods, in this case tomatoes. And then, all of a sudden, it’s no longer about a film and about image politics, it’s no longer just about fair production conditions, but about a whole alternative system.”


All films can be streamed online here or through your national distributors.