“Nothing more monstrous than man”: Milo Rau stages ANTIGONE IN THE AMAZON




After the productions Orestes in Mosulin the former capital of the Islamic State and the Jesus film The New Gospelin the southern Italian refugee camps, Milo Rau and his team travel to the Amazon in Brazil to conclude their Trilogy of Ancient Myths. On an occupied piece of land, in collaboration with MST (Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra), the world’s largest landless workers’ movement, they create with Antigone in the Amazon an allegorical play about the violent devastations and displacements caused by the modern state.


A Modern Antigone


On 17 April 2023, the largest massacre perpetrated by the Brazilian military police against the MST in 1996 will be re-enacted at the scene of the crime – an occupied highway through the Amazon – as part of the Brazilian premiere of Antigone in the Amazon. The European premiere is scheduled for 13 May at NTGent, Belgium. Indigenous activist Kay Sara will play the role of Antigone, Teiresias will be embodied by South American theatre legend Zé Celso, and the choir will consist of survivors of the massacre.


Connected to the making of Antigone in the Amazon is a political campaign in cooperation with MST and important international non-governmental organisations directed against European multinational companies that shamelessly enrich themselves from the destruction of the Amazon forest. Brazilian director Fernando Nogari, known for his video clips for singer Selena Gomez, provides the video clip for the campaign and a film about the making of Antigone in the Amazon that looks behind the scenes.


All about the play


“There is no profit in this world. There is only life.”
Kay Sara, protagonist of Antigone in the Amazon