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“Milo Rau’s most simple, most intimate and best performance of recent years,” wrote De Morgen after the Ghent premiere of The Interrogation. After previews in Amsterdam, Paris and Zagreb, the shows at NTGent mark the start of an extensive tour through Flanders and Europe of the play, performed “superbly” by Arne De Tremerie.


“There is a whole generation of young gods in Ghent acting at world level”, Rau said to the Belgium television. Today Thursday premieres a new show by one of these very real “goddesses” of NTGent’s global ensemble: Princess Isatu Hassan Bangura’s Great Apes of the West Coast, a biographical tale full of beauty and wisdom.


On 19 January, Princess Isatu Hassan Bangura and Arne De Tremerie can be experienced together: The month-long focus on Milo Rau’s work at the National Theatre La Colline, Paris, starts with a “moment of death, live on stage”: Grief & Beauty, “one of the most anticipated plays of 2023″, according to Le Figaro. The focus continues with the “cruel and heartbreaking” play Family.


Last but not least: A brand new version of IIPM’s classic Hate Radio (pictured above) starts its tour through Switzerland, France and England already tomorrow Friday. One of the “must see shows to see across the UK 2023” according to The Stage. Get one of the last tickets now!






“Order must be disturbed, again and again. Our institutions, our museums, our theatres, our parliaments and our schools must be reformed,” said Milo Rau at his third Poetics Lecture on the eve of the launch of the Let Shepenesis return home campaign and the opening of the retrospective Why art?


In 2023, two overview volumes will be published that summarise Milo Rau’s theatre practice and art theory: the interview and essay volume Was Theater kann (What Theatre Can Do) and the comprehensive manifesto Die Rückeroberung der Zukunft (The Reconquest of the Future).


While recent volumes such as Doing Dramaturgy, Art as an Interface of Law and Justice or Making the Representation Real look at Rau’s work from the outside, here is an opportunity to look deep into the engine room of the work of IIPM and NTGent.


“Working globally means creating networks of theoretical debates and practical solidarity, that are not foreseen in the current system,” as Rau wrote in one of his essays. We look forward to the debates of the coming year! On and off the stage – together with you!


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