„Truth is a fight“: our new plays tour Europe



It is Milo Rau’s most intimate piece so far: “Grief & Beauty”, in which 4 actors accompany a woman during her euthanasia. Since the end of last year, it has been on tour through Europe – Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and France until now – and captivates the audience and the press with its “tenderness and truth” (La Libre Belgique).


“A filmed assisted suicide dominates Milo Rau’s work,” announced the New York Times on its front page, with a picture of NTGent global ensemble member Princess Bangura. The Dutch Volkskrant saw “a universal tale of life and death,” and the German tageszeitung wrote enthusiastically: “A silent celebration of life. Milo Rau once again proves to be a humanist and master of ceremonies of great emotions.”


You want to know more about the play? An overview of critics from 6 countries can be found here, the next tour dates of “Grief & Beauty” here.




For almost a year it looked as if IIPM’s and NTGent’s newest play would never premiere: “The Interrogation”, a collaboration between French writer Édouard Louis and Milo Rau. 10 days ago, the premiere happened. At the ITA in Amsterdam, the very personal piece about theater and reality, doubt and transformation, becoming and being could finally be seen live, performed by Arne De Tremerie.


“A particularly captivating performance”, even “a triumph” saw a Belgian critic, while his Dutch colleague summed up the piece like this: “An extremely exciting show. The Interrogation is both a fundamental ode to failure and a rehabilitation of failure.” Or to put it in the words of Édouard Louis in a conversation about the play in the Guardian at the start of rehearsals: “Every time, truth is a fight.”


“The Interrogation” will start its international tour in May, in Paris and Ghent. Learn more about the play here.